Meet the Filamentists

Welcome to Factory Filament, where we take 3D printing seriously.

Not so seriously that we can't crack a joke or two, but seriously enough that we're confident you won't find a better filament manufacturer out there.

Here are just a few reasons why we're different:

Our Farm

A print farm of 50 machines - it's like a petting zoo, but with 3D printers instead of animals.

And all of the filament we use in our printers is made by us. By default we test every batch and guarantee quality.

Our Spools

We're not happy with how the industry operates, so we made our own spool from scratch.

Our spools are made in house out of paperboard. You can recycle them easily, which means we're not just printing things, we're also helping to save the planet.

Made in the USA

We're a US manufacturer, because we love our country. And because we want to compete with those Chinese companies that keep flooding the market with their low-quality filament.

We want to prove that you can make high-quality filament right here in the good ol' USA.

We're Local to Buffalo, NY - And We Love Our City

We support local businesses and makers, because we're all in this together. We're like a big family, except we don't argue as much (most of the time).

We're Obsessed with 3D Printing

Outside of work, we're all enthusiasts of 3D printing.

Our printers at home often run 24 hours per day on projects for ourselves and family.

It's like an addiction, but without the negative side effects (unless you count a room full of 3D printed knick-knacks as a negative).