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High-Quality PLA 3D Printing Filament for Creative Professionals

Our PRO PLA 3D printing filament is perfect for creative professionals looking to bring their designs to life on marketplaces like Etsy. Made from premium, plant-based materials, this filament is environmentally friendly and easy to use. Its low melting point makes it versatile and perfect for 3D printing in a variety of environments.

Our filament produces smooth, detailed prints with excellent layer adhesion, making it ideal for creating unique and intricate models. Its consistent diameter and low-tolerance manufacturing process ensure reliable and accurate 3D prints every time, which is essential for artists and designers making products for the end user.

Whether you're creating unique jewelry, scenery, home decor, or other custom-made items, our high-quality PLA filament is perfect for bringing your ideas to life. It's strong, durable, and environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about using it for all of your 3D printing needs.

Key features:

  • 1kg of material
  • Premium 100% virgin PLA
  • 200mm x 68mm spool size (fits in Bambulabs AMS)
  • Paperboard spools are recyclable
  • Low melting point for versatile 3D printing environments
  • Smooth, detailed prints with excellent layer adhesion
  • Consistent diameter and low-tolerance manufacturing process
  • Ideal for creating unique and intricate models
  • Strong, durable, and environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for Etsy sellers creating custom-made items
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The Stats

What makes a filament "PRO" ?

The Spool

Sized perfectly for Bambu Labs AMS

Made from durable paperboard, easily recycled

Filament locks easily with one hand


100% Virgin Resin

Formulated for detailed printing


+- .02 98% Likelihood

+- .03 99% Likelihood

+- .05 100% Likelihood

Color Consistency

Color of our filament is strictly monitored

+- 1% batch to batch accuracy